Friday, March 23, 2007

Wholly Crap!

Not since I drolled exstatic over the Bonadeo have I been as pleased as I am with the Chaos skiffs. These two boat builders get it right. So many small fishing boats lack the design, fit and finish seen in offshore battlewagons, sailboats and recreational crafts. I have a Roth, it has polish, thought and class - now skiffs, bayboats and flat boats have always been bottom of the barrel (what is up with that "flecked" material in Carolina Skiffs? "We Build Trash Right into Our Hulls!"") - and I love the bottom of the barrel. I miss my rotting aluminum skiff that my friend found in the woods, and when I say "miss", I mean "remember". But why not be at the top of the class, in your class. Chaos has done that from a design persepctive.


Palm Beach Boat Show

I am returning from Palm Beach, specifically from the boat show, which is built completely on temporary docks and rafts. Palm Beach Boat Show reminds me of Newport or the Wooden Boat Show - somewhat intimate, classy and calm. There are a number of large yachts, but the average boat is probably in the 40 foot range. We are seeing more and more fractional yacht firms and traditional brokers and manufacturers offering fractional options. I also saw some pretty women, ate some good food and found free internet via the nearby library's wifi. If you are in South Florida, the show runs through the weekend and is worth a visit, the weather outlook is good.

The Palm Beach Boat Show


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Smoke on the Water

It is so cold here in New England the ocean is warming to the point of steaming - Smoke on the Water. I am taking a plane or a ferry across these waters today and I am contemplating life rafts. The dark side of hyrda-recreation is the danger, the danger is also a draw, I love the danger side of adventure. However, when danger presents itself, I discover that actually, I only like the idea of danger. Therefore, let's be prepared by updating, securing and installing all the safety equipment this spring aboard our sailboats, motorboats, surfboards and barges. Here is a good place to start.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Boat Shows / Miami

If you are interested in seeing many people looking at boats they could never afford, go to a big boat show. Boat shows are like an open house at Bill Gate's home, everyone would go just to see how the better half live. Making matters worse, you haul some 47lb bag full of brochures home to taunt you for weeks to come. Nonetheless, in the parking lot and in remote corners of the show that require shuttle buses to get to, you can find small boat manufacturers and tackle/gear maker/distributors offering great deals.

Miami is coming up, Miami is a great town and relatively cheap to get to and stay near, not in. Considering the bulk of this great nation is finally experiencing winter, a ripper to Florida might just do the trick. Do not forget to fish Biscayne Bay, much like the recent Striper Fishing action in Boston, Miami truly has work class fishing within earshots of the city's gunfire and honking.

Miami Boat Show


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #1

This single best gift you could possibly fit in a stocking is an airline ticket to a new peice of water you have not swam, sailed or fished in. There is no better way to celebrate the Holidays than getting away in our book. And, while mastering the aquatic life in your locale may be challenging and rewarding, the real excitement the ocean provides is when you are in uncharted waters, or at least uncharted to you. New fish, new beaches, new currents, tides, climates, birds, bars, isles, etc. are just a plane ride away and whether you sit on the beach, surf, dive, charter or bare boat there is an experience for every price point. So, please get the hell out of here.


Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #2

No self-respecting marine themed blog could write a Stocking Stuffer Recommendation List without some reference to booze. That is why the second most important gift for the Holidays is a bottle of Goslings. 2 Reasons: 1. Rum, 2. No matter how mild this winter is, a Dark & Stormy takes you back to the warmer days of summer. I had several one night this late summer and like a good tequila, the hangover was half the fun! Be sure to include some limes, ginger beer and ice with the Rum.


Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #3

The Storm Soft Baits have proven to be one of the most effective and affordable baits I have ever used. They are sort of the Clouser of conventional fishing. I have actually, in the Sosin-Mantra, created a rod set up just for these artificials, a 7 foot, loose 10lb test spinning outfit that always carries a Storm at the end of the line - they are that good - buy many and experiment with color combinations.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #4

You, or the person you are shopping for should be tying your own flies. It is a wonderful pasttime, provides a more complete fishing experience and is quite gentlemenly. You will not save money unless you really go through flies like a madman, so Bluefisherman take notice - but you will probably break even in a few years. There are so many great flies to tie and so many tricks, tools, and materials to learn about that you will surely keep your eyes on the ball when not fishing once you become a fly-tyer. Orvis' Travel Vise is suitable for travel and permanant use - has all of the function needed for most uses and has a decent pricepoint. The experienced tyer will appreciate the vice for a second/backup or travel vice as well.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #5

Alright, the final 5 gifts. These are MUST-HAVES.

The Tivoli PAL, a small weather-fearless, big batteried, iPod-ready, great sounding, great looking portable radio is a must for the boat, beach, dock, dinghy, reef, jetty, pier, ferry, intertube, surfboard and liferaft. There is something both modern and nostalgic to sit on the water listening to a single speaker radio, that happens to be attached to your iPod and sounds great. Keep it in your kitchen to use when at home so it can charge and throw it in your bag on your way out the door - MUST HAVE!


Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #6

A good thermos is more valuable than gasoline, booze, fishing pole, sail or hull on some mornings. Those mornings typically fall the day after a night of cooler, more expensive beverages than coffee. And, there is never enough - so a large Thermos is always welcome aboard. This model floats, because dropping the coffee overboard is punishable by death.


Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #7

Nauctics has already pitched the benefits of the Timex Tide Watch, which is awesome - but we feel that wearing a watch on BOTH wrists will surely be the fashion statement to beat this season. So check out the Luminox Ultimate Navy Seal Watch, the Navy Seal reference is no gimmick, throat-slitting, bomb setting Navy maniacs are outfitted with this timepiece for their escapades. More than capable of handling dives, extreme temperatures, race countdowns and anything else (except the tide, check your other wrist), this watch will surely satisfy.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #8

A Four Piece Fly Rod can fit in a Stocking right? Of course it can. Personally, my Fly Rod arsenal is entirely Sage Rods, but I have thrown a Thomas and Thomas Fly Rod and I can tell you that I was pleased as punch with it. In fact, my next rod will probably be a Thomas and Thomas - I think a 9 Weight would be the right weight for an all-purpose travel rod. Nothing would be nicer than packing for a trip to some locale with water access and pulling a Thomas and Thomas Rod out of your garage/closet/car and loading it in your luggage. Seriously consider this rodmaker for your next purchase - and don't freak at the price, a Fly Rod is something that you hand down to your children.


Nautics' Stocking Stuffer #9

Relatively unknown but great Magazine Shallow Water Angler is a terrific gift to any fisherman. Colorful, fun and focusing on the sort of fishing that anyone can enjoy rather than the offshore focus of other magazines, the Editors and contributors of this magazine are true fisherpeople.